Sunday, January 23, 2011

Senoko Fishery Port (Jan 2011)

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Located at the end of Attap Valley Road, the 14-year old Senoko Fishery Port is designed for wholesale but attracts many fresh seafood seekers especially during the pre Chinese New Year period. Operating from about 2am to 6am, the fresh fish market environment is extremely fast-paced while the rest of Singapore is still sleeping.

Senoko Fishery Port operates from about 2am till 6am.
Environment and atmosphere is extremely fast-paced.


(1) The Senoko Fishery Port isn't the most convenient or accessible market around. You will probably need to drive a car (or a van), considering the unearthly hours it operates. You will also probably need the wheels to pick up your buys.

(2) Bring your ID (i.e. NRIC, passport, etc). The port is a secure place and you will need to go through a security gantry.

(3) This is where you will find seafood at wholesale prices, but they do not accept any form of card payments. So bring lots of cash.

(4) Bring along styrofoam boxes. Unless you don't mind the fish market "juices" staining your boot. Your car will then probably smell fishy for a long time.

Fresh fishes won't leave a fresh smell in your car boot.
Get a styrofoam box!

(5) This is a wet market, so wear what you will to a wet market. That means non-slippery sandals or slippers you can wash easily.

A wet market is slippery.
Wear what you would to a wet market.

(6) Wholesale prices often mean wholesale quantity. Do not go around asking for 500g of prawns or a single sotong. The fishermen are not very friendly and will chase you away if you try to be funny. Consolidate the shopping lists of your buddies, and go for large quantity, 10kg of prawns. You can get a better price with that quantity too. If it's your first visit there, observe and go where others are buying from. Some of the stalls do only wholesale.

Wholesale price means wholesale quantity.
One basket of prawns weighs around 10kg.

(7) Prices are all quoted per-kilogram. So don't think you got an unbelievable deal when you are quoted S$15/- for a basket of prawns you pointed to the 'uncle'.

All quotes are in kilograms.
Not per fish, or per basket.

(8) The atmosphere at the market is extremely fast-paced. Be prepared to be screamed at or bumped into by fishermen pushing their catches around in trolleys. Stay out of their way.

Stay out of the way.
Fishermen push things around all the time.

(9) Photography isn't banned there. But I figured the best way to take photos is covertly unless you don't mind getting shouted at. If you do get shouted at, just leave and don't be stubborn. Most of them have cleavers.

Me: (Snaps a shot)
Man: "Oi! Cannot take photo!"
Me: "Ok! Bye!" (Scrambles into the crowd)

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