Thursday, February 3, 2011

Counting down to Chinese New Year (Feb 2011)

While the majority of Singaporean Chinese are counting down to the 1st day of Chinese New Year at home or in Chinatown, a group of Taoist believers await at 玉皇宫 (Yu Huang Gong or 'Temple of the Heavenly Jade Emperor', former Keng Teck Whay) located at Telok Ayer Street, to offer their 1st joss-sticks for the lunar year.

The temple is currently managed by the Taoist Mission (Singapore), headed by Reverend Master Lee Zhiwang. The temple is presently still raising funds in order to restore the 180-years-old temple to its former glory. For more details, do visit:

Offering of 1st joss-sticks

The God of Fortune (贵神) comes from
the Southwest (西南) direction this year.

Taoist believers offering their 1st joss-sticks.

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