Sunday, May 8, 2011

PAP Rally @ Ubi Rd 3 (5 May 2011)

Although not many people attend rallies organised by the incumbent ruling party, PAP puts great efforts into making their rallies comfortable and convenient for Singaporeans to attend. Not only seats were provided, but wooden planks were placed on muddy surfaces to create temporary pavements for supporters to walk on. No dirty shoes if you attend a PAP rally! Supporters also probably spent a great deal of time (and maybe money) on making really decent placards and banners.

No dirty shoes!

Decent decos. What's this supposed to be, actually?

Balloons (and chairs) for everyone.

Decent placards made by supporters.

Placards with LED lights!

Decently decorated. Crowd size - 1,000 perhaps?

National Solidarity Party Rally @ Tampines Stadium (4 May 2011)

The National Solidarity Party (NSP) was probably the most watched political party in the Singapore General Elections 2011, next to the Workers' Party. The youngest candidate ever fielded comes from the NSP, i.e. Nicole Seah, 24 year old. Within just days, Nicole became the most popular local politician in social media, Facebook, surpassing the number of "likes" for even our very own MM Lee Kuan Yew.

The infamous 'Tak Boleh Tahan' shirt.

Supporters armed themselves
with horns and whistles.

A die-hard fan of Nicole Seah.

A supporter waves her NSP flag.

Flags were sold at S$2 each to support
the party's political campaign.

Panoramic view of the NSP rally @ Tampines Stadium.

Workers' Party Rally @ Sengkang East (3 May 2011)

It is not the first time I had been to a rally, but this is certainly the first time I had seen that amount of people attending one! It was a rainy evening but it did not deter 30,000 Singaporeans from attending the rally by popular opposition party, The Workers' Party. Check out the photos from my first-hand experience in making Singapore's political history!

Supporters listen eagerly to WP speakers.

Supporters waving their flags and banners.

Rain did not deter supporters from attending the rally.

The WP umbrella: probably the most popular souvenir this GE!

Here comes Thor!

Supporters share their umbrella as they cuddled in the rain.

A whooping 30,000 crowd. Maybe more!